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Laughy's Karaoke Club (UPDATED)

Dear builder,

I started to watch Ninjago at the age of 9, right when season 8 came out. I personally think that it still holds up well till this day, in fact, I'd even say that it is the best Ninjago season ever.

One of the main reasons that I love this season so much is because of the Sons of Garmadon - one of the best villain armies (or in this case, biker gang) throughout the series. That was when I originally came up with the idea of building Laughy's Karaoke Club, which was a place where the Sons of Garmadon often hung out at (which also happens to be my first project on Lego Ideas). Unfortunately, this project expired and therefore, I decided to update it and resubmit it.

The highlight of this set is obviously Laughy's. This building includes all the main aspects of the club that are seen in the show - the billiard table, stage (where Rocky Dangerbuff can showcase his fear of singing), jukebox, dartboard, and most importantly, 'the bar' from which Dareth serves non-alcoholic beverages.

Inside Dareth's apartment, one can notice all kinds of different references to the show. Some include, a Starfarer comic, pictures and posters of Gayle Gossip and the Helmet of Shadows from season 2. Gayle Gossip is also seen reporting news on the TV. Like in the club, Dareth is also displaying some of his fake trophies here.

On the roof, one can find a large billboard taken from season 15: Crystalized. In the alleyway behind the club, there are two dumpsters. Alongside them are a can of shaving cream and a trash lid, which Rocky Dangerbuff suggests that Snake Jaguar uses these as part of his disguise. Beside the club, there is a small green building that provides information and access to the Ninjago metro.

Finally, the build includes 7 minifigures - Lloyd, Cole (as Rocky Dangerbuff), Zane (as Snake Jaguar), Dareth, Luke Cunningham, Chopper Maroon and Mr. E.

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