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Myunangjung, A Korean Gazebo


This is 'Myunang-jung', A Oriental Gazebo. 'Myunang' means 'gaze at the sky and the earth,' and 'jung' means 'gazebo.' So this name means 'gazebo of gazing at the sky and the earth.' Myungang-jung is one of the most famous gazebo in Korean middle age. It is made by 'Songsun', a great poet of Korean middle age. One of Songsun's poet, 'Myungangjung-ga(Song of Myunangjung's four season)' is well known especially for Korean students, because it is frequently presented at Korean SAT.

I uploaded its construction phases, and you may see it. I hope that this information help you create your oriental building. I know that oriental roof and rooftiles are most difficult things. Also I hope that you will get interested in Korean curtures and buildings. Thank you for reading.


Approx Dimensions: Length 32 cm x Width 30cm x Height 28cm

Number of pieces: 1,878

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