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Halloween Greetings


Halloween Greetings

For this year Halloween project I wanted to do something different. Since I've been trying several different projects and ways of building in LEGO, I thought about something similar to a portrait or card. And it came to me the idea of mosaics, but that was not exactly what I wanted. I really wanted something you could put on a wall or as a greeting card portrait.

After seeing several images of Halloween I've chosen a cat, but not the ordinary black cat used on Halloween, I wanted to make it sweet and loving! But also with the Halloween resemble. So here it is my grey Halloween Cat Wizard, beautiful and charming hoping to get to your homes soon.

It's not difficult to make, it has 250 bricks and it will look amazing in any house for the Halloween night, to welcome all the children on the trick or treat request.

Hope you like it, because I'm in love with him! :)

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