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LEGO CITY Animal Shelter

This LEGO set is an animal shelter and pet adoption center for the local LEGO CITY residents. Stray animals can make their way here to meet an adoptive family and go home. It features an adoptive family, multiple cats and dogs available for adoption, a cat room, dog kennels, a bathing and supply area, font desk, dog runs for outdoor play, a backyard, a parking lot, and a few fun accessories (pet toys, etc.). The shelter is designed with an open top for fun and interactive engagement! The animals will need to be moved about the shelter, bathed, and the dogs taken for walks or out for some fresh air in the free run areas. Animal shelters provide temporary homes for pets, low cost clinics, and other low cost animal veterinary services to local communities.

I built this set as I have been involved in animal rescue for many years and think this could be a fun addition to anyone's CITY collection! Both adults and children often spend time at shelters looking to adopt a new furry friend or volunteering. I have worked with many dogs and cats who need socialized, walked dogs during different shifts, and cleaned cat rooms at many shelters over the years. Other volunteer opportunities include collecting donations, fostering, rescue of strays, making or donating pet bedding, and fundraising. I believe this set would be fun for many people who have a love for animals and have interest in caring for them or finding them new homes. This year has been a significant year for new pet adoptions with many people looking for company while they work from home and many shelters have had high adoption rates across the county.

I think this could especially be fun for any young individuals aspiring to care for animals in their future!

A custom sign could be posted out front of the shelter to identify it as an animal shelter.

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