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Lego Lantern


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What is it?

This is a Lego Lantern. This is made by 4 kinds of colorful plates (1×3、1×4、1×6、1×8).

This can be a lantern, firework, or even a spinner!!


Why did I build it?

I like simple but eye-catching creations. If I put the light in the lantern, it will light up nicely from the slit of the plates. If we expand it horizontally, it looks like fireworks. Also, if I add the axis, it can be changed to a spinner too!!


Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?

The concept is very simple, yet I think it’s very unique. It can be used as “designed home appliance / simple home decoration” or “toy for young kids”. Please see the pictures for the details.

 I hope you will like it!!

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