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Traveller: Rogue

Traveller: Rogue is an alien droid manufactured to pursue and capture various targets across the universe! His mission sends him across the stars in pursuit of a power greater than anything seen before. His master, lurking in the shadows, controls Traveller: Rogue, keeping his true identity and objective a secret from those who may wish to resist!

I designed and built this set as I have felt inspired by LEGO action figure creations for their entertaining builds and their rich storytelling. I hope to develop a world in which characters such as Traveller: Rogue are able to play a role in a rich tale that can span as vast as the stars themselves!

I believe this would make a great set for anyone who enjoys imaginative display models, fun builds, and rich storytelling. Traveller: Rogue is the first creation of a larger world that I hope to see unfold! This set allows for multi-posed display and action-packed playability to fit in with anyone's collection!

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