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Muntabur Cloister Fountain


Cloister Fountain

This little model of a gothic styled fountain was designed for my longterm project of Muntabur Cathedral. Some of you might allready know my cathedral from flickr and mocpages? If not, please have a look on the link below.

Now let me share some thoughts about the set with you. My idea was to create a small well for the cloister of my cathedral.

This foutain consists of a large piscina placed on a small base. The uprising part consists of four decorated pipes from where the water drops into the piscina. On the top stands a small golden figurine to give the set a very luxurious appearance. Originally built for my cathedral the fountain may also fit into any cityscape or park as well. The added link shows an example how the well could be placed into a landscape model.

Thank you for your time!



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