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Tron: Light-cycle Escape


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The idea for the set:

Light-cycle escape, came from Tron [the original motion picture] and Tron :Legacy. I like these movies because the variety of action scenes give the designers something to work with. The Light-cycle is from Tron: Legacy.  The space paranoid, minifigures "Tron","Sark" and "Kevin Flynn" are from Tron: [The original motion picture]. Also, if you look in the sub-pictures section carfully you will notice that Tron and Sark have identity disks perfect for disk wars.

[Note:The identity disks and minifigures could have a Tron design.]

Questions I had:

A: I would like to add identity disks to their back and was thinking they could use stickers or make the mini figure already in assembly with disks printed on their backs.  What do you think?

B: Is there anything about this set that you would like to see changed?

if you have additional comments and questions please let me know and I'll be happy to answer. 


Help me make this Tron set dream come true,

Till next time,



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