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Doraemon - Nobi's House


Doraemon is my favorite cartoon in my childhood.  It is a robotic cat, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy named Noby Nobi (Nobita Nobi) .  So he could have a better future in life.

This model is based on classic 1979s Nobi's house. This set features foyer, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, powder room, sitting room, family room and parents’ bedroom.  They are located on the ground floor.

Noby and grandma bedroom are upstairs.  A shed, a laundry drying rack and a fence, with “Nobi” (野比) decoration, are located outside the house. 

This hugely-detailed 2-level model is filled with iconic slide doors, tatami, closets, cabinets, wall pictures, calendars, flowers, toilet, sinks, dining table with 4 chairs, blackboard, a box of mandarin orange, cooking wares, folding mattress, coffee table, TV, make-up table, desk with chair, bookshelf, comic books, toys, baseball, baseball bat and sewing kit, etc.

  • Includes 8 minifigures: Doraemon, Noby Nobi (Nobita Nobi), Tammy Nobi (Tamako Nobi), Toby Nobi (Nobisuke Nobi), Grandmother, Sneech (Suneo Honekawa), Sue (Shizuka Minamoto), "Big G" Goda (Takeshi Gouda)


  • Includes minifigures’ accessories:  Doraemon (yummy bun), Noby (Math Test with “0” mark, backpack and baseball bat), Tammy (food basket), Toby (newspaper and briefcase), Grandmother (teddy bear with stitches), Sneech (backpack, baseball bat), Sue (backpack), Goda (backpack, baseball bat)


  • Pull the lever in Noby bedroom to drop the rats from the drop-down roof.


  • Grandma and her bedroom are seldom, if ever, seen on TV series.  They only show up from Noby’s memory.   Dull colours, dark gray and light gray have been used to represent in his memory.   The old teddy bear is a precious gift from Noby beloved grandmother.  She died when Noby was in kindergarten.


  • Measures 12.6” (32cm) high, 19.3” (49cm) wide and 11.8” (30cm) deep

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