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A School


This LEGO set represents an English school. This school has a courtyard, a canteen, several different classrooms.

At the exit of the school there are two cars and several children. There are also a handyman by the wall of the school. A teacher greets the students at the entrance of the school. In the courtyard there is a green place where there are two firs and flowers. Also in the yard there is a tree on each side of the entrance with flowers. There are also two bins in the yard, a fountain and a bell. To the right of the courtyard there is the director's office with two armchairs inside. In the canteen there are several chairs and tables as well as a kitchen with two cooks. Inside the kitchen there is an oven, and a storage place. In the school next to the canteen the teachers organize a sculpture competition. There are different classrooms like the music room where there is a drum set, a guitar and a piano, and the French room on the first floor.

There is also a history room where there is knight armor and finally a science room where there is a telescope and a magnifying glass. On the first floor there is an aquarium with fish, toilets, a bench, more sculptures and a television. On the roof there is an antenna, solar panels and in the roof there are abandoned storage boxes. Behind the school there is a gymnasium.

I built this LEGO set because I like schools. I think it will make a great LEGO set because LEGO never made a similar set and got out of schools.

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