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NASA Space Launch System


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This set makes a model of NASA's new Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1B rocket on its journey from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the pad. It includes the Mobile Launcher and a Crawler-Transporter. It is a 1:300 scale model, made from 1136 pieces. The completed model's dimensions are 120 x 150 x 415 mm (approximately 5 x 6 x 16.5 inches).

The SLS Block 1B will be the version used for NASA's manned space flight. The slightly smaller Block 1 rocket is planned for only one launch. The tower is based on the existing Block 1 tower but has the proposed modifications for the 1B with the tower being one level taller and the service arms adjusted to match the taller rocket.

Tucked under the Mobile Platform is the Crawler-Transporter which has the same important role it had for the Apollo and Shuttle programs of moving the assembled rocket to the pad. Built in 1965 the two Crawlers have been upgraded for the heavier SLS.

I chose this scale as it allows the larger structures to be created but keeps the part count low while still allowing for a reasonable level of detailing. Many of the parts are small (1x1) which should make for a reasonably priced set. The parts and colours used are all available now, but could be improved if a few pieces where made in new colours.

The graphics show renders of the set but I have built it up; renders were used to meet the image quality requirements for a product idea. I will post an update with photos of the set made up in real bricks.


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