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Temple of the Brick

Hello fellow adventurer.

Today we are exploring the tomb of Atoo, more formerly known as the temple of the brick. I seek the forbidden jewel. I made this LEGO Temple of the Brick in remembrance of one of my favorite LEGO series. I love the LEGO Adventurers series. This set makes a great display piece and also has a lot of play features. This is perfect for any adventurers' fan as it provides an excellent addition to the collection. This set include three minifigures and over 15 action features. I made this set with mostly new and current LEGO pieces. There are a couple retired ones in order to have nostalgia from the old adventurer series.

The story behind it is that David, the protagonist, is seeking the forbidden jewel. The main antagonist, Senior Palamar wants the treasure and the jewel to himself. He tries to do everything he can to stop David. Let’s not forget our second antagonist, the mummy. Her name is Atoo. Buried with her is the golden scorpion. It is said when the golden scorpion and forbidden jewel unite, that whoever holds it will behold great power. David and Senior Palamar encounter many traps, spiders, scorpions, and of course Atoo. Will you find the forbidden jewel, or the golden scorpion? Will you make it out alive? That is for you to decide with this fun adventurer throwback set. As always, keep building!

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