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Ice Age

For those that do not know, there have been four Ice Age films so far which each feature a less than normal herd. With each film, the herd gets bigger, starting off with a sabertooth tiger a mammoth and a clumsy sloth. By the end of the fourth film there are 3 mammoths 2 sloths 2 possums and 2 sabers.

Special Thanks to WipeoutZone for rendering (It looks so much better)

This theme would be great for lego as every child will enjoy playing with Ice Age sets at the same time as the movies are being released (I am told they are in the middle of making a fith film, do not qoute me on that though). The only problem is that new molds would need to be made, however look at how many new molds have been made for the Chima, Toy Story and Minifigures themes, chima needed 30 molds and I know this is sad but I counted 137 new molds for the Minifigures theme. Essentialy for the Ice Age Theme they would need about 20-25 new molds.

This is an iconic scene in the third film. It is when Manny tries to get some fruit for Ellie but suddenly a plant starts to turn up and digest them, Buck, the weasel manages to get him and Diego out just in time.

This set would include Buck, Diego, Manny and Ellie

In this scene the herd must pass through a chasm of toxic fumes by boarding a cage made of bones. The image above is slightly different to what it would actually be, the ropes holding the cage would be string with two studs at either end however LDD (lego digital designer) does not allow me to use the flex tool on this piece. So with string, the cage would be able to move freely without getting stuck, the string would go in the skulls mouths and held in place with the brown bits in the nose. The larger "tower" has rotating plates as steps for more fun and a secret area underneath the arch. This set would include Buck the weasel, Ellie a mammoth, and the two possums, Crash and Eddie

This set is from a scene in the fourth film when Peaches meets Ethen at a sort of playground. The cliff has frozen slides running down into a tar field. In this set there are three slides, one is at the top of the first ramp the second is at the end of the flat area and goes inside the cliff. The last one is the biggest and is the one Peaches falls down, it has an icy root leading down onto it with flick poles which push the character along in case it gets stuck. At the end there is a catapult to fire the character into the tar spouts. The leafy bridge can collapse into a water pool. The cliff can also open up on the other side of the picture. This set would include Peaches Ethan, Louis, a female mammoth, Crash, Eddie and a Gazelle.

This scene is from the second film when a tribe of mini sloths believe that because Sid invented fire, he is the fire king and he is the reason for all the melting ice. They try to sacrifice him but his foot gets gaught in the vine which shoots him back out and he smashes over the giant statue. I have designed this set so you re enact this scene also included is an area for the Chief of the tibe to live within the base of the statue.

This set would include Sid, The chief female pink mini sloth, a yellow mini sloth, a blue mini sloth and a green mini sloth.

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