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Mr. Gold's Lucky Numbers


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This project is for some brick built numbers and a Mr Gold Brickfigure with additional pieces to allow for additional items.


  • Bricks to build 10 numbers at one time (in any of 10 different colours)
  • 10 plates one for each number
  • Mr Gold Brickfigure with Mr Gold Minifigure as a trophy


  • Numbers can be used to; celebrate special occasions, pick winning numbers and other as yet undetermined number related activities.
  • Bricks in rare colours.
  • Since rare bricks are a feature, what better choice of figure than the rare Mr Gold.

My intention is that printing be added where appropriate.

This project is for a singular product and is not a suggestion for a theme or a series.

Please consider supporting this project and if you have time please leave a comment.  Thank you.

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