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Shopping List (Groceries)

Hello! Are you eating well?

One of the secrets to grow and develop our potential to the fullest is through a good diet. But to eat well, it is necessary to make it from quality raw materials. Anyways, whatever we each like, we all must buy food before and keeping a list helps a lot not to forget anything at the stores. I have designed this model with 3 intentions: enhancing the food scenes with these very specific details, to decorate a kitchen with it (as if it were a painting of a taproom, we all know that real works of art can be built with Lego bricks) and even making shopping easier for all lego fans. To recreate the food I have used both specific accessories and my own models. The list has a solid and consistent structure and its surprising low weight make it ideal for display anywhere since it remains stable on its own.

The main performance of this idea is to fit as many 1x1 red-rounded bricks as you need on each food that we have to buy as a reminder indicator. Each of the rows is, in turn, removable/modular to better access the upper tiles. At the back of the set you will find the boxes to store this “reminder” bricks while they are not being used. (In total there are 60 1x1 red bricks). Each row is made of the main color of the food it represents. It is really practical and easy to use, it only needs to be adapted to individual or family preferences. I will describe the foods that I have included:

1. First Row: Carbohydrates- pretzels, cream and chocolate croissants, bread, biscuits, flour, seed bread, square sliced bread and, of course, delicious cereals.
2. Second Row: Vegetables- broccoli/lettuce, carrots, potato/sweet potato, pumpkin, aubergines, tomatoes, onions/chives, mushrooms [...]
3. Third Row: More vegetables and Fruits- […] red and green peppers, green olives, leeks and garlic (the last can be found at the beginning of the fourth row). Lemons, cherries/strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, bananas, green apples, oranges/ tangerines, red apples and grapes/blueberries.
4. Fourth Row: Eggs, milk and derivatives- butter, quail eggs, cooked eggs, fresh eggs, milk (in bottle and carton pack), chocolate and strawberry milkshakes, four types of cheese (Cheddar cheese, Brie cheese, Goat cheese, Cured cow cheese)  and fruit yogurts.
5. Fifth Row: Fish, Shellfish and Drinks- white fish, clams, blue fish, mussels, salmon, tuna, prawns, crab/lobster. Coffee/tea, water, orange and lemon soda, cola drink and energy drink.
6. Sixth Row: Vegetable Oils, meats and pre-cooked foods- olive and sunflower oils, fresh pasta, chicken wings, bones for cooking/Pet bones, patty, meat skewer, classic hot dogs, spanish/german hot dogs, pizza for take away, homemade pizza and turkey for roasting.
7. Seventh Row: Saturated, Sweet fats- Ice-creams, Sauces- strawberry and cream ice cream, chocolate and cream ice cream, honey, muffins, cakes, donuts, white chocolate, milk chocolate, ketchup and mustard, bbq sauce, mayonnaise, spicy sauce, green sauce, caesar sauce and blue cheese sauce.

We will each eat different things so this list can be adapted for a custom vegetarian diet, for example. In general I think I have included a wide variety of foods, in total there is room for 56 items. I humbly hope to measure up but I think it could be an excellent idea. As in any other purchase I recommend rationally buying what we are going to consume. I am aware that you will miss some food, but I am satisfied that you identify foods that you like in this list. As artificial flowers or still life, I am convinced that it would be a beautiful decoration for any house (even without giving it the use of a shopping list). As a final detail I have included a couple of clouds on which to add more specific details of food.

Bricks: 1.425 (as always, a lot of passion and this time, it has made me hungry!)
1 Minifigure: a young boy shopping with his dog puppy called Thunder.

Eat well and you'll feel better. It’s a fact. Whatever you cook, always do it with love.
I hope you enjoy it. A cordial greeting to kids, adult Lego Fans and for all those chefs in you!

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