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Hospital - A Place for People in Need


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This awesome Lego set has four floors that can each come apart. The first floor has 2 patient rooms and 1 X-ray room with a viewing area. On the second floor thereare 2 patient rooms, a casting room, and a recovery room. On the third floor there are two patient rooms, a T.V. room and a restroom. The fourth floor is just a roof with a air conditioner unit. 

One of my favorite features is in the T.V. room because of the pull out hospital bed. I also like the hospital signs and the recovery room.

This set has 6 minifigures including: 2 hospital workers 1 police officer, 1 fire fighter, an old man, and a construction worker. It has 1438 peices. Please support and follow and if you like this build try out my other set.

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