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LEGO Prosthetic-Bionic Hand


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I present to you, my LEGO Prosthetic Hand! It's entirely made out of lego pieces that can be found in the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set. It includes 1x EV3 Brick, 2x big motors, 1x small motor, 1x touch sensor and 1x color sensor. Easy to operate, weighing less that 1kg and able to lift up to 4kg, it offers  2 available ways to use it:
1) Touch sensor: Press the button (touch sensor) and the fingers close, release to open the fingers.
2) Colour sensor: Cover the sensor and the fingers close, uncover to open the fingers.
If you want to see the Prosthetic Hand in action, visit my YouTube channel in the discription of my Profile! 
For any questions about the Prosthetic Hand, feel free to send an E-Mail to the address you can find in my Profile!
Here are 2 videos showing the hand's 2 defferent functions:

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