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City Pizzeria


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Hey there! I'm here to present you my first creation, The City Pizzeria! This creation is made out of two main parts: 

1. The Pizzeria

The Pizzeria contains five tables where people can stay and eat; three inside the Pizzeria and two on the roof. Also, there is a small place which is the kitchen. It's not a crowded place, a figure fits really good in there. The Pizzeria includes a furnace, a little checkout register, coffee dispenser, pizza slices, a bowl and many more things so it can be used as a playset for children.

2. The Street

There's not much to talk about here. The Street has a beautiful flower arrangement, a bench, traffic lights and a trash bin. 

Sadly, I cannot give you the exact number of pieces that were used, but the set has a large variety of 11 minifigs.

-Play Feature: The Boy that rides the skateboard has a play feature: He has a bar attached to his back with the help of a Neck Bracket and a Up Right Holder. As you can see in one of the images, it's easier to play with him and make cool tricks that way, and it certanly can be useful in Stop-Motion animation.

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