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Lego ZOO

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My idea is a collectible ZOO

Different collectible enclosures all connect together to form a complete ZOO

Every enclosure is 32 x 32 knobs (base plate)
Except for the fishtanks. They are 32 x 16. You can connect them and remove a wall so the tank is bigger.

All of the enclosures are 4 bricks high. So the visitors of Lego-ZOO can look down on the animals. And the animals can not escape.

The last photo shows how every enclosure connects.

Here you see how the entrance is added to the ZOO.
The entrance is also view-able in my other projects.

A close-up of the monkey-enclosure and a empty one.
Every type animal has it's own enclosure
In the middle you also see a glimpse of the crocodile-enclosure.

As described in the beginning. The tanks are smaller. In this picture I added 2 of them in the ZOO to get the idea how it looks when you add them.

Here you see the Monkey-enclosure.
I added this picture so you can see how the enclosures connect to one another.

This piece has a bench and trashcan. But you will also find a ice-cream-car of hot-dog-stand in other enclosures.