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8mm Film Projector

Hello, and thank you for taking a look at my 8mm Film Projector LEGO model.

This 1,817 piece set is a near 1:1 scale reproduction of my 1964 Keystone K-980s 8mm film projector. I acquired my K-980s many years ago from a thrift store for a mere $25. As someone with an appreciation for the days of celluloid filmmaking and photography, I have enjoyed displaying it as an iconic reminder of that era.

Like all Keystone projectors, the K-980s is compact, portable, and artfully designed. I have done my best to capture its unique design elements and clever functionality in my LEGO model.

Key(stone) Features:
  1. Hand-cranked film reel rotation mechanism
  2. Front lid with film reel storage
  3. Sturdy Technic handle that extends to the base
  4. Brick-built film reels
  5. Removable bulb compartment cover
  6. Collapsable film reel support arms
  7. Retractable Technic angle stand

H: 12" (30cm)
W: 10" (25cm)
D: 8" (20cm)
(approximate, closed)

I believe this will make an excellent addition to the LEGO Ideas lineup due to its interactive features and eye-catching design. I hope that many people will be able to enjoy the functions and aesthetics of this beautiful projector in their homes just as I have enjoyed my original Keystone.

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