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Lego Mini Shops


The Lego Mini Shop Set finally allows Lego builders of all ages to build their very own life-like shops and restaurants. For years, Lego fans have wanted the chance to create their own high-street, and now they have the chance! These 8 unique shops are full of incredible details and are based on real shops based in the UK. The shops are:

Lego Shop - Includes Lego sets, Pick-a-Brick Wall and Computer

Mcdonalds - Includes Menu Board, Grill, Fries, and Burgers

Costa - Includes Coffee machine, Coffee Cups, Sandwiches, Cake and Cookie

Carphone Warehouse - Includes Smart Phones and Telephones

Dominoes - Includes Pizza, Pizza Grill and Pizza Takeaway Box

Spar- Includes bananas, Meat, Carrots, Ice Cream, Pie, Bread, Boxes and Price scanner

Boots - Includes Medicines and Hair Brushes

Millie's Cookies - Includes Cookies and Menu Board

This set is great for any Lego builder. The shops included are easy to build and great to display.


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