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Tired of the same-old over-priced smartphone, reader and tablet accessory stands?

What if there was something better and more affordable, that was both fun and rugged, ready for work and play, and worked with most of your personal devices?

After months of prototyping and real-world testing in the play-room and at the office, it’s finally time to make a stand against boring and pricey pre-made stands -- with Quick Stand.

Made of 100% pure LEGO®, Quick Stand assembles in minutes and is:

  • AFFORDABLE: Using just 75 common LEGO® pieces, Quick Stand is far less costly than most accessory stands on the market.
  • RUGGED: Designed and tested to work hard and play hard, Quick Stand handles jumps, crashes and drops as well as being tossed into your purse, briefcase, backpack or luggage.
  • FUN: In Play mode, Quick Stand rolls freely and with its futuristic RC-style dune buggy design, plays well with your existing LEGO® sets. It looks ready for action and fast, even while standing still.
  • COMPATIBLE: Quick Stand accommodates most brands of modern smartphones, mid- and full-sized tablets and readers, in both portrait (tall) and landscape (wide) orientations, including the added thickness of cases and skins, all while leaving charging ports and home, power, and volume buttons accessible.
  • STABLE: Quick Stand uses the natural power of gravity and your device’s own mass to securely brake the front wheels in Stand mode, so Quick Stand resists moving, sliding and tipping when interacting normally with your device through one-handed touch, tap or swipe gestures. Quick Stand has enough grip for the arm of your couch or airline seat-back table and even withstands minor turbulence.
  • FRIENDLY: Although Quick Stand’s ruggedness is thanks to the durability and strength of LEGO®, with rubber tires and bumper supports, it won’t scratch or mark finely-finished devices or work/play surfaces.
  • PROFESSIONAL: With its minimalist and sleek design, and low-profile front support mounts, Quick Stand is inconspicuous at the office. And for precision input, Quick Stand's whip-style antenna doubles as a stylus for resistive-type touch-screens, and stows securely through the chassis for transport or storage. (Future versions may include a capacitive-rubber-coated tip to support capacitive touch-screens.)

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s the story behind Quick Stand from its creator:

        “I needed to use my tablet as a second display for my laptop, but when I checked my local stores and found the limited variety and high cost of typical accessory stands, I thought — with a huge collection of LEGO® at home, surely THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY.

        “Soon I had a prototype that worked great, but was huge and clunky. Sure, it could support a laptop, but it was hard to build, didn’t fit in my laptop bag, and didn’t interest my kids. Friends liked the idea, but only if it worked with their favourite devices, and looked good too. After months of experimentation, two complete redesigns, dozens of revisions, hours of LEGO® Digital Designer simulation and lots of real-world work- and play-testing, Quick Stand gradually evolved from prototype to product. 

        “We now have four Quick Stands in daily use, one for each of my children in yellow, red and blue, and a grey one that travels with me for work. It’s been weeks now since the last improvement, so hopefully that means it’s finally good enough to submit. The design seems simple and obvious to me now, but it’s been a challenge to keep the part count low and the build accessible, while balancing playability, durability, form and function. There may be more updates yet to come, but in the meantime I look forward to your suggestions. Thanks in advance for your support!” - @bildebeest


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