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The Fortress



The idea of this ensemble is to imagine a fantastic world, a little different from what we think. This fortress is built on a mountainside, perched on the roof of the valley. It can be reached via a narrow path along the mountainside. Farmers work near the lake and knights watch the area from above. This kind of "castle of the air" is located on a tactical position, almost impregnable. It is therefore easy to take refuge there.


This fortress is composed of 2 parts

The bottom consists of a lake, various trees, a small islet, a farmers' house, farmland, small waterfalls and the beginning of the path to the castle.

The top begins with the entrance to the fortress, which consists of 2 wooden gates, a central alley and a watchman's area. We continue to climb the stairs upwards and reach the small square, where there is a magnificent apple tree. The suite leads to the central square. It includes the source of the waterfall, a green wall and a watchtower on the left. A narrow staircase leads to the highest point where an archer stands guard. The dungeon is associated with the throne room where there is the king.

The fortress has 2 defensive catapults, 7 knights, a buffoon, the king and 3 peasants.

The mountain is hollow and awaits further modification from you. The tray is built on a 50X50 plate and has about 2500 pieces.

Why? why??

The strong point of this set is the originality. It can make young and old dream and offers many possibilities for games. It keeps us away from traditional castles, and it is crying out for life and good humor.

So don't hesitate to support this project!!!!!:)

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