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Bricksauria | Tyrannosaurus rex


Less than 200 supporters needed!

Hi all,

I'm so glad to see this giant has taken a huge step towards the goal. In October 2014 we were only half way there and as writing this we are missing only less than 200 supporters. That is simply amazing - huge thanks to everyone already voted. Looks like if Jurassic Park project won't get approved we might still have a second chance to get an official Lego T-rex model ;)


Please consider giving your vote also to my other project Jurassic Park Explorer with Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler  -minifigures


Bricksauria featured in the book "Beautiful Lego 2"

I am happy to inform that both Bricksauria giants, Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus are featured in the book "Beautiful Lego 2" by Mike Doyle.

I think it is a fantastic book, full of awesome creations by different artists - if you have a chance definitely check it out!


Bricksauria Tyrannosaurus rex featured in animation

Hi all,

Check out my new short animation on YouTube, featuring also this beast :)


We are halfway there!

Wow, project has passed milestone of 5,000 supporters! I just want to say thank you all for support. Please also check my other project Jurassic Park and add your support if you like idea.


Once again, many thanks to all supporters! Now let's head to 10,000. ;)

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