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Beefcake the Steampunk Automaton (A Substantial Build With Minor Minifigure Elements)

(Figures in picture 2 are for comparison, not included in set)

Contains 61 Pieces and 5 minifigure elements only!
That's 8.19% Minifigures elements, and over 91% of ordinary lego parts.
This is Substantial Automaton build with a minor inclusion of minifigure elements.
If this is a battleback, or a request of minifigures, I'm sure a mustache and a musket won't satisfy anyone.

Set in the steampunk era, Beefcake bots are created by the Lego imperial army to bolster their ranks against the evil pirates. Don't be fooled by its goofy mustache! Strong as an ox and dumb as a rock, the beefcake surely lives up to its name. They also do all the hard labor nobody wants to do, so your minifigures can cross their arms, and things will magically be done the next morning.

I took much inspiration from tin soldiers and nutcrackers. It does have quite a few details.
  1. The Beefcake has a mustache and a bowtie, right above the dial.
  2. Its right shoulder has a gold chain that looks like a Aiguillette, you know, that fancy braided rope on a military uniform.
  3. Its left shoulder has a big round Aegis, a decorative shield that gladiators have.
  4. A drum is attach to its stomach
  5. A pair of big black boots
  6. A backpack with two small chimneys, and a musket.

I always like the idea of having a minifigure-scale robots. Given how creative the Lego is, the minifigures that inhabit the Lego Universe would surely build something to help themselves. Much like the legend of golems, my idea began with a handful of spare parts, I am really quite happy how it turned out.

I think this would make a great Lego Ideas set, because most Ideas sets are very large, hence expensive. This on the other hand is a light, inexpensive build. I don't believe just by being "Adult" you have to spend $500 on a Lego set. People deserve to buy something good with their pocket money, intricate and small indeed, but still have that great building experience.

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