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Armored Vehicle


This is a made-up design that I thought would fit into the Star Wars universe. That's why I added Star Wars minifigures. I tried to add a lot of detail but also made it sturdy. I included a lot of play value with this set, so I put in some functions, namely,

  • an opening roof and windshield
  • a bumper that moves with the wheels
  • a sliding-out cockpit
  • two spring-loaded shooters
  • a technic launcher
  • and two flick-fire missiles

I also included 6 minifigures which I hope will add to the action. They are,

  • a clone pilot
  • a clone gunner
  • a clone trooper
  • two battle droids
  • and a droideka

Overall, it is a nice addition to the Star Wars universe but can also be used otherwise.

Extra: The vehicle is 24cm long, 7cm wide,  10.5cm high (with technic launcher attached)

I hope you like my Lego model and appreciate any support.


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