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Classic Space Friendly - Vertical Reconnaissance Plane

Hello All.

This is a major re-work of a personal favourite of mine - the vertical fighter. I've added Orca style engines to it as well as fixed wings in an attempt to get the aesthetics of it correct. This screenshot is in white so that you can see the model and the design against the background, but obviously colours can be changed to suit.

I'm calling this model classic space friendly - with all the purists out there pulling apart names instead of looking at the model, I'm hoping this new name for the series will reflect my intent - a new range of ships, built with modern techniques, that support the old classic space minifigs (IE airtanks). This model will stand a classic space minifig in the cockpit and is quite robust (in other words, swooshable).

I call this a reconnaissance plane because of the obvious lack of guns and I've added a sensor package in the rear, as per the next screenshot...

The orca style turbines rotate to allow VTOL activity, and the sensors (the radar dish and antenna) are all moveable and should not get in the way of the turbines.

If you like the 'classic space friendly' theme, leave a comment and let me know! If I get enough comments asking for it, I may put the LXF file up on the internet somewhere for people to download and play with.

In the meantime, please enjoy.

Updated - for those who are interested, here is a version of the model which is done up in the classic space colours - it has larger wings to fit the colour scheme but you get a feel for what the model could look like. You'll also note that the armatures for the turbines have changed slightly in this model, I think this look is a little cleaner.

For the record, this model comes in at approx. 81 bricks, depending on colour preferences.

I've just added what I think is the best colourisation yet. This is the 2nd generation classic white and blue look. I've also got models done with red and yellow highlights in case you wanted a 'Spectrum' look. It would also suit classic space figs of different colours.

Hope you like it.

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