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Snowy Castle

Hello! This is a castle-themed winter moc. It has approximately 2,800 pieces, having a ton of details that drive up the piece count. 
The base is made if reddish brown, some dark brown, dark red, and sand green. I just learned a new technique involving 1x2 tiles that I used in the base. Much of the build is comprised of white pieces; the building and scenery is coated with snow. There are two small trees, and two buildings: a small house of wood and a small tower, covered in snow. 
This took a few weeks to build off and on, and I hope you all like it! I experimented with a few new techniques, and I tried to make the castle walls as detailed as possible!
Castle is a classic Lego theme, and it would be great to see more castle sets! Support to make this a real set!

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