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Farmhouse Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley player's house in LEGO!

I built this one since it is one of the most representative buildings in the game, and Stardew Valley has marked a new generation of indie video games, its popularity is growing, and it has received very positive reviews, positioning itself as the definitive farm game. So I think it would be great for this set to come true.

In this set you will find things that can be found in the game, the stone path, the wood lamp-post, the crops, a tree, a cat, a stable with his horse, a minifigure that represents the player and another that represents the village carpenter named Robin, and most importantly: the house.

The house it's based on the latest improvement, and it comes with the default color. Also, try to make the colors as close as possible to the colors of the original game, for example, the yellow of the ground.  

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