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Minifigure Display Frame


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This project proposes that Lego sell a wall mounted display frame for minifigures that is simple to build, customize, is efficient, yet relatively inexpensive.

In the pictures you can see that by building the display frames as I did (with the studs pointing away from the wall) I am able to keep the design light, clean, and simple.  I am able to hold most standard minifigures even those with short legs or dresses (with the use of the “stud not on top” brick where needed).  With the inclusion of the Lego string with studs on the end, I am able to suspend the display frame from the wall much like a picture frame or poster.  Below are some of my thoughts  as to why this project is useful--which I hope you too can agree with.

A quick list of benefits:

  • More minifigures displayed for you money
  • Easier to find that minifigure you are looking for (not stored in a bucket)
  • Helps keep the minifigures in good condition without them constantly rubbing against each other in a bucket (as seen in the picture)
  • Free up horizontal surfaces on tables and shelves
  • Minifigure display becomes a good decoration piece

The Cost

The current display case (item 5004892) costs about $30 and displays 16 minifigures. 

Given that the NEW Minifigure Display Frame is made of standard Lego plates instead of large molded plastic pieces, the manufacturing should be less complex leading to cheaper production costs.  Hopefully this would mean the frame is less than $30.


The current display option holds 16 minifigures and is 7 inches by 15 inches by 1 inch and must be stored on a horizontal surface such as a table or shelf.  The NEW Minifigure Display Frame is about 10” by 10.5” by 0.5”; however, instead of requiring a table, this can be mounted on a wall with a nail and multiple frames can be arrange above and below each other. This makes the frame not only useful for displaying minifigures but also for decoration.  The frame is able to hold 28 minifigures or more depending on how you want to arrange them. As you see in the pictures, smaller frames can also be made with the same plates and then can be customized.

Why not build it yourself?

This creation is fairly easy to build out of 2 wide plates.  However, the problem comes in that most people don’t have lots of spare 2 wide plates to allocate to a display frame on the wall.  As you can see from the pictures, I have made several of these frames and have used up a good portion of my plates supply.  Despite this, I still have many more Lego minifigures still in my bucket.  Having this set available for purchase will allow you to purchase as many as you need without having to allocate all of your plates to building them.

How can you help?

I would appreciate your input.  Please add your comments/suggestions to this project.  You might include things like if you think the frame should be bigger or smaller or be available in certain colors.  Maybe include comments on how many “stud not on top” bricks you think the sets need.

If you like this project, I would recommend trying to build one from my pictures, taking a picture of your Lego collection and posting it along with a link to this project on your favorite social media accounts.  This will help to get the word out. Be sure to check back for updates.


Thank you so much for taking the time to review my project. As always, best of building to you!

Please note: This project would not include minifigures.  Those in the pictures are for sample purposes only.

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