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Disney Parks Microscale Series

This is my new Disney Parks idea for a line of models. It is similar to the Architecture series, except these are Disney attractions and landmarks. Now what kid wouldn't want to collect and build all of their favorite attractions? I know that would have been my dream as a kid. Each set contains a black plaque that tells the attraction name and location, collectible minifigure, and attraction/landmark history booklet. NOTE: The number of pieces does not include minifigure.
NOTE 2: Not all models are to the same scale.

001-The Haunted Mansion-98 pieces ($10-$15)
Minifigure: Gus the Hitchhiking Ghost

002-Space Mountain-100 pieces ($10-$15)
Minifigure: "DASA" Astronaut

003-The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror-157 pieces ($15-$20)
Minifigure: Ghost

004-Splash Mountain-209 pieces ($20-$30)
Minifigure: Brer Rabbit

005-Star Tours*- 75 pieces ($5-$10)
* This is a set of 4 microscale Starspeeders
Minifigure: C-3PO

006-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-174 pieces ($20-$30)
Minifigure: Miner

007-it's a small world-132 pieces ($10-$15)
Minifigure: Doll

008-Dumbo the Flying Elephant-101 pieces ($10-$20)
NOTE: This set is not completely correct, as it only contains 4 elephants, not 8.
Minifigure: Clown

009-Vintage Submarine Voyage*-79 pieces ($10-$20)
* This is a model of one of the original submarines from 1959
Minifigure: Mermaid

010-Sleeping Beauty Castle-106 pieces ($20-$40)
See picture above.
Minifigure: Mickey Mouse

Please support and make the dreams of not only me but hundreds of children come true.

The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain

The Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain.

Big Thunder, small world, and the Starspeeders.

Submarine Voyage and Dumbo.

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