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Waterfall Hideout


This my new project the Waterfall Hideout. This project has about 850 pieces. There are 4 player minifigures, Steve, Alex, a Steve wearing a pumpkin, a Steve with a special skin. There are 4 hostile mobs, 2 Skeletons, 1 Zombie and a Creeper. There are also 2 passive mobs, namely a cow and a sheep. There are 2 iron sword, 1 iron axe, 1 diamond pickaxe, a wooden shovel and an iron pickaxe, the iron axe and the iron pickaxe are both kept in a chest. There are 3 cookies in the set. 

The Waterfall Hideout has a farm on top of the waterfall and a pen at the bottom. Under the water underground house that can be accessible by a door behind the waterfall. I price this Lego set at $100 to $165.  Please support, follow and comment on it too. 

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