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Steampunk Cycle


The Steampunk cycle is your ideal transportation around the city, With its three bulky wheels and big appearence, nothing will stand in your way. Also, if someone has got a bigger vehicle than you, the cockpit can be removed from the rest as a small plane.

I think this set would make as both a good display and playset, mabye around 2,5-3£

Total amount of bricks is 86 pcs, maynly because the model uses a lot of large pieces. Although, if this were made into a lego set, the awesome degsiners at lego would probably increase the amount of bricks by making the model more detailed.

You may think that it looks a little akward with the small whell all up in the air, but that's beacuse ldd (Lego digital degsiner) doesen't apply real world physics to your build.

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