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Bric-Nic FOOD TRUCK - "Opens-For-Business"

The Bric-nic FOOD TRUCK is in town!

Check out the menu on the side and place your order at the serving hatch, which lifts up to reveal our fancy boss lady, ready with her pen.  Also, help yourself to the fun drinks underneath (watch out for the one with the eyelash lid - it will raise the hairs on your neck!).

The unique feature of this food truck is how it OPENS-FOR-BUSINESS:

First, the roof opens at either end; next, one half of the side panel swings open; and finally - the crème de la crème, shall we say - the other half of the side panel slides out, allowing for easy access for hands of all shapes and sizes to play inside!

Speaking of the inside: on the far side you have fridges and cupboards, a pizza oven (with ventilation - phew!), an espresso machine, a cash register and, perhaps most importantly, our truck driver (with a cupcake to keep him alert and energised!).

On the near side, there's some fish being prepared, a shelf with sauces and spices ("doughnut salt" is a winner!), a drinks dispenser, a stove top, a prep station with chopping board next to a cake mixer, a sink, and our overly-keen grill master currently grappling with some fresh lobster (my money's on the lobster!).

And finally, the back hatch opens down, serving as a counter space for customers to eat their delicious meals.

I didn't know what to do with the empty space where the side panel slides out, so I decorated it with 1-by-1 wedges of various colours.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!

Food trucks are truly ubiquitous (in California, Orlando and beyond), and have certainly been all the rage over the last several years.  I would love Lego to give us a fancy version with many elements to play with and never-ending storylines to create.  And with three meals a day plus unlimited snack times, you could play all day and everyday with this, driving from room to room to find more hungry customers!

Thank you so much for supporting.  We won't be (b)eaten!

(Sorry for the awful puns.  I couldn't resist.)

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