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The Three Little Pigs (Fully Playable)


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This fully playable The Three Little Pigs project is based on the world-famous 1933 WALT Disney short film.
Build each house piece by piece just as the pigs did, and then remake the whole story with a fully playable set.

The original story:
Each pig chooses to build a house in a different way to avoid the big bad wolf. The first pig builds his house out of straw. Unfortunately, it can't withstand the wolf's powerful breath. The second built his house of wood. But the wolf destroys it too. Only the brick house built by the third is strong enough to resist the wolf's breath. The wolf tried to get in through the chimney. He ends up in the hot pot and gets burned. He quickly escapes, and the pigs win.

Watch the video for a closer look:
This project tells that story in a fully playable set. The walls of the straw house can fall down. For the wooden house, you turn the piece of wood and a mechanism makes the walls fall. Then, in the brick house, the wolf can pass through the chimney, and by pressing the button on the outside, the fire is lit under the pot and the wolf is burned.

To reproduce the short film as faithfully as possible:
- Inside the straw house, you'll find a red chair, two stools and a table.
- In the stick-built house, you'll find a wooden chair and a stove for heating.
- Finally, in the brick house, you'll find a brick piano, a bed, a container of turpentine and a chimney with a big pot for the wolf!
- There are sunflowers all around the houses. There's also an apple tree and fences.
- There are 4 minifigures with their accessories. 

With this project, you'll be able to tell the story of the three little pigs with your family and friends, while having fun at the same time.

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