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Modular Building Site


All Lego modular buildings have to start somewhere, don't they? The Modular Building Site provides that starting point! Use the digger to dig up the pavement, and fill the mini dumper. Take the earth off to the pile in the corner, then switch the bucket for a hook and lift the pipes into place. Afterwards, cover up the pipe with the casing, and you're good to go! Includes digger, mini dumper, site office, pipes, casing and fences.

This Building Site has been designed to fit with the other Modular Building range, with the connectors on one side in the container office. The digger has been based on the one from set 7936 Level Crossing, but with tracks added. It is fixed to the base plate to prevent it falling off, but it can still turn around. The pavement along the front has been built to modular buildings width, but is cut off by the temporary fences. The Mini Dumper can tip it's load out onto the pile of earth in the corner. Inside the container office, there is a desk and computer, complete with coffee mug, two hooks for the hard hats, a noticeboard (Currently just a 2 by 4 smooth tile - to be designed soon) and a fire emergency cupboard.

The minifigures are, from left to right: Construction Worker 1, Construction Worker 2, Digger Driver, Office Worker and Passer-by. (See last picture)

The pavement should be smooth tiles, I know, but I don't have any in dark bluish-grey. I would also swap some of the parts for non-labelled parts if I could, and I don't think the window on the office is produced anymore. Apart from that, the set is seen as I would sell it. As you can see, it has lots of playability at the same time as being a good static model, to fit with other Modular Buildings.


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