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Classic Fire Station


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Brick-built fire stations were and remain the standard for firehouses to this day. This particular fire station was derived from multiple old stations found across the USA. It's meant as a tribute to these buildings and the brave men and women who operate out of them.

The station currently sits empty, waiting for the firefighters to return. It can be featured in either a large city or a small town. Seen outside is one of the station's fire trucks. It's based on a Ford F600 fire truck.

Inside, two floors separate the station. The first floor contains space for two fire trucks and plenty of fire-fighting equipment. The second floor includes a bedroom with bunk beds and a fireman's pole on one side, and a kitchen with a table, stove top and a fridge/freezer on the other side.

Outside, the front of the station features dual flags, opening garage doors, and a front sidewalk with cut grass. Out back is a space with a small garden, a heating/air conditioning unit, and trash cans.

At over 1,200 pieces, there's all sorts of other details to discover!

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