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Mediterranean Villa


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Welcome to the Mediterranean, Sun, beaches, fun and tranquility in a single pack, do you want to come and spend a few days here? The Villas are houses in the countryside or near the beach usually isolated from other houses and used for rest and recreation, in this case our tenants decided a Villa near the beach.

 As a great lover of LEGO buildings, I wanted to make for a long time a building that reflected the rest and leisure we deserve on vacation, a swimming pool, a barbecue, games room, garage, and the beach nearby among other fun things that can be had when we decide our vacation.

 About the project

The Mediterranean villa has many of the needs that a holiday home can have, I also valued this project as a habitual residence so as not to pigeonhole the functions of the house. The access to the house is through the first floor where the garden with pool is located, a way to expand the ground floor and leave it only for the garage. In this way the building not only prevents it from looking like a block, but also from distributing elements that normally could not be added if all the floors were the same.

Ground floor (garage):

On the outside and right area of this floor we will find a water source and a small garden area with palm trees that extends in height to the end of the stairs that lead to the first floor. On the right the door of the folding garage to facilitate the access of the vehicle in the garage.
Inside the ground floor we have space not only for the vehicle but for a space to watch TV, rest on the sofa bed, play a video game, have a drink while you place the boxes on the shelves or adjust the water treatment plant for the new season.
First floor:

As soon as we finish the stairs, we enter the 1st floor and we are greeted by the barbecue on a small porch that covers its space to avoid the hot days of the Mediterranean., we continue walking and we see a palm tree that stands imposing in front of the pool, a pool always clean thanks to its treatment plant. In this area we will see a small lawn area where pool chairs with a table and an umbrella are located. Inside, a kitchen and a bathroom with access to the second floor

 Second Floor:

Here we will find a bedroom with two balconies, in the bedroom a bed a bedside table and a computer.


This may be my favorite plant. Who doesn't want a LEGO room in the attic? Dedicated to our greatest hobby this floor has two tables, in one of them drawers of pieces of different colors and in the other a lamp and LEGO models being built. To easily access this plant, a tilting lid allows us to see the inside.

-About the car:

The car is of fusion concept of classic European cars., fits a minifigure and enters perfectly into the garage.

 -About the minifigures.

 Three minifigures and a seagull accompany us in this story. A man, a woman and a kid.

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