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Robin's Fire and Ice Battle

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(This is a demonstration model.)

A Special-Limited Edition. My ideal is to design small and affordable sets for the Holidays.

Two different sets to choose:
* Robin’s Fire and Ice Battle: It comes with three Minifigures [Robin, Ice, Snow], two building vehicles, Ice Crystal and Snow’s Sno-Bear
* Storm’s Fire and Ice Battle: It comes with three Minifigures [Robin, Ice, Digit], two building vehicles, Ice Crystal and Digit’s Cyber Wolf
*All includes: batarang, staff, power discs, computer laptop, bag and ice gun

The Real Prototype SubZero is on YouTube: CUUSOO Robin's Fire and Ice

Robin and Redbird Cycle

Name Robin, he is a member of the Justice Knights. After escape and rescue a missing prodigy form frozen in Ice Crystal by the new teen villains. Robin has to use Digit’s untested invention new cycle [Redbird] to encountering the unique vehicle call SubZero.

This deserves a second chance to be renewed into another new set, Robin and Redbird Cycle from the Polybag 30166. An update version Robin with sand blue staff, new face expression, boyish hair, black cape, also new red/orange cold resistant suit. A stripes and trademark “R” printing on the cycle. [Note: Tire rims maybe in transparent red.]

Ice and SubZero (Real Prototype Sno-Buggy)

Name Ice Storm or Ice. He is Snow’s older twin brother. A teen villain Captain Cold wannabe. Super gadgets and hi-tech toys he wants he takes, specially Mr. Freeze’s SubZero. Using Digit’s stolen S.C.F. (Sub-Cold Fission) in his ice container cannon, it makes a powerful weapon vehicle to put the city on ice. [A removable cannon can be use as an ice gun.]

Snow and Blizzard (Sno-Bear)

Name Snow Storm or Snow. She is Ice’s younger twin sister. A teen villainess Frost wannabe. Unlike the other one, she uses her power discs to create a deadly animal from snow. Most of it is snow wolf or favorite pet snow bear Blizzard. [Bear from the Set 4440 Forest Police Station to be use in white.]

Digit and Ice Crystal

Name Digit. She’s a shy prodigy of robotics, girl inventor and friend of Robin. She invented the first prototype environmental Sub-Cold Fission cell which has been stolen. A special device has powers to run the city without polluting air. With Robin help and her pet cyber wolf, she will fight to get it back from Ice and Snow or frozen in Ice Crystal. [Cocoon use from Galaxy Squad set 70709 in transparent light blue and grey wolf from the Hobbit 79002.]

- If Cuusoo ever made this without having some trouble trademark characters name. I will let them change from Ice and Snow to Captain Cold and Frost.

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