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Winter Village Dog Sleigh Race

Welcome to the Winter Village sports event where the yearly dog sleigh race is about to start. Three dog sleighs is competing for the beautiful silver cup. The contestants are: The Speedy Brownie, The Red Rocket and The Blizzard. Both the dogs and the drivers are eager to start and we all wait for the Mountie to give the signal. Who will be the winner? Buy a Hot Dog and enjoy the race.

First I’d like to express a thank you to Staslegomaster for giving me this idea to use my project as a race-theme. It was easy to duplicate the dog sleigh and give them some different colors. A simple base for a starting line and a finish line completes the set. The signs and the text on them was made in Paint Shop Pro.

Set includes: three drivers, a Mountie, a little girl and a Hot Dog-salesman. Total brick-content: 209 pieces.

Thank you for watching and for your votes.

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