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Sushi Plate

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Have you ever played with these wonderful and colorful bricks? Do you like Sushi? In this delicious project, these two meets! Build your own makis and nigiris with the wasabi paste, gari and soy sauce! Finally, serve your cool meal in the Japanese wooden dish! This whole packet could be produced and sold in markets, if we manage to collect 10 000 likes. So, if you like sushi and you cannot wait any longer, like the project and remember to share it! Salmon, tuna or squid, anyone?

レゴが好きですか。寿司が好きですか。このプロジェクトのレゴセットで, 自分のかっこいいレゴ寿司が作れます。一万いいね!をもらったら, このセットのプロダクションが始まります。いいね!をお願いします。 ほかのイデーがあったら, ぜひ英語で言ってください。

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