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Refrigerated Delivery Truck


The refrigerated delivery truck can be used to make delivery to cafes (maybe next to a bike shop?), restaurants (possibly Parisian?) and shops (the grocery next to the toyshop?), maybe the new Corner Deli (opening in 2016). 


Johnathan1986's Chip Shop,

Klikstyle's China Garden Restaurant,

jojomodjo's Paulo's Italian Restaurant,

NicolasAmico's Modular Asian Restaurant,

There are many more of course, but those are some of my favourites.

The interior is split into two sections and it can be unloaded either through the side door or using the tail-lift at the rear.

The tail lift could also be used on other delivery trucks of course. The truck is based on the chassis used for the delivery van (set 60097), cargo truck (set 60052) and flatbed truck (set 60017). (If TLG can re-use a chassis I figure I can too!)

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