Product Idea |

The Dragon Mech


Idea of build:

When I was young the first Ninjago set I ever got was Zane's ice dragon and that set was my most favorite dragon set ever. The idea of a Lego dragon build blew my mind and fuel my interest in Lego dragons. So I decided to collect ever Ninjago dragon , but later in the years I started to loss my interest in Lego dragons. But when the Lego Ninjago movie trailer came and show Lloyd's dragon mech it gave me the idea to make my own, but more robot suit style and less dragon like a bit.

Build info:

The build is based off a dragon and a robot suit. The mech has two movable arms and hands on ball joints same with the wings and legs. The hands on the mech is big enough to hold one minifigure on each hand. The pilot seat of the mech is located on the chest of the mech and it could only hold one minifigure. The back of the mech has a tank of energy, a tail, and for thrusters on it.

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