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The Sophisticated Sports Car

Hello everyone. I love lego cars so I have been making some on my own way. This is a revised version of the best car I have built so far. And I'm adding one more back look picture of it. When it comes to a car's design, headlights are one of the most impressive things. So I wanted to make my lego car have sharp headlights that are different from just normal ones. Because circular or square shapes are too common in lego. 
I used 'slope, curved 2 × 1 no studs with stud notch' as headlights. I tilted them to the studs on the bottom for having a symmetrical look. (Also I revised a previous one not to get it to have holes on the headlights, that made me necessarily change the hood part too.)
And I made this coupe and hatch back style with more space inside to get one more figure. I hope you enjoy it and I will be happy if I can get your support. Thank you.

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