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Wildlife Lodge


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Wildlife Lodge

It’s springtime at the wildlife lodge, where flowers are blooming and animals are everywhere! Nestled in the woods by a river, this lodge is home to a lumberjack and his wife. It’s time for spring cleaning, so he is repainting the roof while his wife sweeps out the house. Even when it’s not springtime, and the days grow short and the nights become chilly, they have a fireplace to keep them warm. This idea also contains a small 4-wheeler with all the tools the lumberjack needs. Overall, this idea includes a little over 500 pieces, and took me about a week to build.


This idea includes all of the following creatures;

  • 2 humans
  • 1 frog
  • 1 fish
  • 1 duck
  • 1 beaver
  • 1 dog
  • 1 bird
  • 1 moose (head)

My favorite parts

My favorite parts of this build are the fireplace, the moose head, and the beaver. The chimney was actually what inspired me to build this lodge. I noticed that 2 hinge bricks connected at a right angle can connect, diagonally, and this made me think of a fireplace. This then led to the whole lodge being built :) Another thing I enjoy about this build is the moose head-I know it has small horns, but it was the best idea I could come up with. I originally found 2 of the pieces of it stuck together in my LEGO bin, and I built off of it from there. When I decided to make this idea, I thought the head would look great as a decoration. I originally was going to attempt to mount it above the fireplace, but there wasn’t enough space, so it now decorates the exterior. The final thing I like about this creation is the beaver. I like how the frying pan works as a tail, and just think it looks cute.

Other notes

  • I am not sure if the bricks for the bunny are available in white. I just painted them since I did not have those bricks in white in my collection.
  • If this creation gets 10K I had an idea that perhaps a sticker with a face on it could be added to the beaver.
  • I will also be submitting an RV and campsite idea, so check out my profile to support that as well. 

Thanks for your support,

Math Whiz