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Classic Space Rover


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This project is based on LEGO's older space sets. Rather than being more combative and conflict based like most of the space sets of today, it tries to capture the wonder and excitement of exploring the unknown.

The main vehicle is a six wheeled rover, designed to be lightweight and mobile for traveling long distances on far-off worlds. Included is also a drone, designed to survey the planets surface and report back. It easily attaches to the back of the rover to recharge and download whatever data it may find.

If you enjoy LEGO, space, or even just like the look of the set I hope you'll consider clicking the 'support' button and helping this project on it's way to 10,000 supporters! Thank you!

I still have the model built, so updates are easily possible if there's any interest. Be sure to check the 'updates' tab...If you have any suggestions please comment!

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