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FIFA World Cup 22nd Edition (Qatar 2022)

Celebrate the FIFA 2022 World Cup with this 1107-piece set of an intricately detailed FIFA World Cup trophy replica!

Description of Images:
  1. Cover Image - Shows the trophy in its complete splendor
  2. Shows the intricate detail on the globe at the top of the trophy
  3. Shows the intricate detail on the trophy base

Please watch the video below to see a tour around the model:

Inspiration for the Build:
I built this set because the FIFA World Cup (an international soccer tournament) needs to be immortalized in LEGO bricks. The tournament is a beautiful representation of the sport as a whole, as fans and players are able to come together from all over the world to show their love for the sport.  

This would be a great LEGO product because LEGO could release it around the same time as the 2022 Qatar World Cup to celebrate the tournament and the beautiful sport of soccer!

Please support and if you have any ideas on how I can improve the trophy build, please let me know in the comments! Thank you.

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