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BrickQuest: Modular Dungeon Gaming

BrickQuest is a fast, easy-to-learn fantasy game somewhere between a boardgame and a roleplaying game. It's played with minifigures in a modular dungeon, using rules available under the Creative Commons license at

Character sheets are also built; the baseplates on the left above show statistics for two characters, a cleric and a ranger. All rolls are done with six-sided dice, and distance in the game can be measured with a Lego ruler.

The game can include a wide variety of rooms, and the modular system means they can be recombined in many ways.

A Cuusoo set could include a variety of monsters as well as several player characters, including a mix of humans, dwarves, and elves. It could also include enough to build several rooms and connecting corridors, along with a few "dungeon dressings"--chests, torches, etc.

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