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Bob Ross's Studio


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This is a happy, little build, that represents Bob Ross's studio, where he created his famous TV show "The Joy of Painting". I decided to make this project as a tribute to Bob Ross, who in my opinion, was a woderful, charming man and great artist. Of coure this is just my interpretation of what the studio could look like. This build features:

  • 3 minifigures: Bob Ross, Cameraman and Director of the show.
  • One, big easel and 5 smaller stands, all with canvas on them.
  • Some paint tubes, buckets and painting tools - includig 2 lego mini brushes, palette, knife and 2 custom big brushes.
  • Furniture: 1 Chair, 1 stool, 1 cupboard and 3 boxes.

You can also easily take off the roof and one of the collums (the 1x1 column on the front - it has a flat tile on top of it, so you can remove the column even without the roof). I would also like to add some custom stickers, to represent paintings, if that would be possible as final build.

This project was made with LEGO Digital Designer.

Thanks for support and I wish you all happy buildng! ;)


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