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Mars Mission



Lets go to Mars!

This set is a Martian greenhouse for a green space expedition to make the red planet our second home. It contains a large see trough greenhouse, a mobile greenhouse, a Mars rover with trailer, a base plate with a unique texture designed for this set and lots of additions to add to the base plate like a solar cell station, a light tower, a communications station and more. With this set you'll be ready to explore Mars and start the very first green expedition!

Set Specs

This set includes:

  • Large glass greenhouse
  • Large movable cloche
  • Mars Rover with trailer
  • Characters in space outfits
  • 7 station extensions
  • Base plate build with Martian landscape
  • 3 mini figures


Brick totals

  • Large Greenhouse: 220
  • Mars Rover and two cloches: 105
  • Movable cloche: 57
  • Base plate with Martian landscape: 348
  • 7 Station extensions total: 190
  • 3 mini figures: 18
  • 1 flag

Total set bricks: 939

Note I: Station extensions are displayed on Martian landscape tiles that are not included in the sets brick count. It's optional to design mini sets with landscape displays that can connect to the base plate build.

Note II: The base plate with Martian landscape is build from a lot of smaller bricks because of the few Dark orange stones that where available. The base plate also is sculptured with more bricks then needed. The base plate with this design could be reduced to 100/150 bricks.

More info and images below:

Entry to both sides of the greenhouse interior by opening the glass dome. It reveals the inside interior of the greenhouse and provides space to rearrange plants and play with the mini figures.

Large cloche that works as a separate movable greenhouse.

LED grow light and red/green airlock entry lights

maintenance flap with direct access to the greenhouse filters

Mars Rover with cargo trailer to transport plant cuttings in cloches

Airlock entry with three glass doors and space for a mini figure

Solar cell station (movable in all directions by H/V rotation)

Light Tower (movable in all directions by H/V rotation)

Communication station (movable in all directions by H/V rotation)

Power supply (battery cell)

Power station for Mars Rover

Oxygen unit

Tool box for maintenance

This is the top view of the Dark Orange base plate with a Martian landscape

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